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azureshipping - back to back

Pimp My Contest!

I tried to hold a contest in weekly_ygo for both the community's layout and WikiFic, but no one seemed interested... alas! Hopefully this contest, co-hosted with Apollymi and Katsuko of DarkMagic.Net and ygo_novella

Presenting the First Annual Yu-Gi-Oh Novella Contest!
It is almost exactly what it sounds like: a novella contest geared toward Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics, AUs included. You can check here for the shonen-ai/yaoi challenge, and here for the gen/het challenge.

All fics submitted must fit into one of two categories:
15,000 words minimum (short novella)
25,000 words minimum (long novella)

along with the "main" category of shonen-ai/yaoi or gen/het. (Technically, those are 4 categories, but because of the split between the judges, we're considering them two. You should still indicate WHICH of them your fic is... if your fic has smexy boy on boy action, it's yaoi. If it's simple fluff, it's shonen-ai. If there's no romance whatsoever, it's gen. And if it's between a boy and a girl, it's het. The het category is open to all ratings, G-NC17 or equivalent. There is no yuri/shoujo-ai category at this time.)

Apollymi and Katsuko will be judging the shonen-ai and yaoi categories, while Katsuko and I will judge the gen and the het. Readers/other participants will also have the chance to judge fics, as comments from reviewers ARE taken into account for the final judging process!

Please email either me or Apollymi if you intend on entering the contest!
All the rules, details, and specs are at the site(s), but the general info to include in your email is this:

¤ Author Pseudonym
¤ Author Email Address
¤ Author Webpage (if applicable)
¤ Story Title
¤ Category (shounen-ai/yaoi or gen/het)
¤ Pairings
¤ Word Count
¤ Summary
¤ Author's Notes (if applicable)

You may also comment here ON THIS ENTRY ONLY if you intend on entering in the gen/het category! You have until December 15th to get writing and submit it to either myself or Apollymi!

Please let me know if you intend on entering BEFORE WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2006!!!!!!!


I'll enter. :) Gen/het 15k contest.
WHOO! I'll forward your info to Apollymi. :)
I'd like to enter. It's probably not a *good* idea to enter, but I'd like to anyway...

I haven't got the story anywhere near finished, but here are the basic details of what it should turn out to be.

Author Pseudonym: Demoerin
Author Email Address: acleancut at yahoo dot co dot uk
Author Webpage: Not as yet
Story Title: Moonchild
Category: Gen
Pairings: None*
Word Count: 15 000 min
Summary: Marik wins the Battle City tournament and accomplishes everything he wanted - but that doesn't mean there isn't still a fight.
Author's Notes: Not as yet

* I won't have full blown romances developing, but I want to include things like the Yugi->Téa->Yami triangle and the Duke->Serenity<-Tristan triangle. I consider it part of their characters, and it won't go beyond anything that's on the show; is that okay?

Also, the website says we should mention if we don't have a beta reader. Consider it mentioned.
^_^ Thank you! If you want me to arrange for a beta-editor, I can do that. It's probably not much of a concern now.
^_^ yay! Thank you very much for this. Actually, the blurb above is a bit of a misnomer, because that entry info is what we need AFTER you finish the story. Since we just started, all we need is a name/pseudonym, an email address, a category, and a target word count. Since you have all of that and then some, you're perfectly fine.

I forwarded your info to Apollymi. :) Thanks for joining us!
Okay, I'm just about the most stupid person ever. Forgive me?

I'm entering gen/het with 15,000 words. :D
:D You're all good. Thanks again!
^^; Thanks so much!
This will be good for me. I'll enter. Gen/het 15k contest, please.

Nothing like signing up at the last possible minute, right?
YAY! I forwarded your information to Apollymi. YOU ROCK! :D