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Fanfic Meme!

These tend to be fun, even if I should actually be, yanno, writing fic.

Stolen shamelessly from rose_of_pollux.

1. Which is your favorite fic?
Hard to say. It depends on the fandom, of course; "Only 16" (Sailor Moon) will always be near and dear to my heart because it was my first "real" multi-chapter fic, and it was a heck of a learning experience writing it and posting it on SMRFF and ASMR and getting feedback. Those were the days!

But "What Doesn't Kill You" (Yu-Gi-Oh) is a monster of a fic, so inspirational that I've gotten ideas for two sequels (Circle of Seven and Eternal Dimension) along with a spin-off (which shall not be named at this time). Don't get me started on all the other fic ideas I've had while working on WDKY. It's my goal to get the damn thing finished sometime before I die. Originally, the goal was "before summer break" or "before I graduate college," but since both of those have happened already, I might as well just be realistic and hope I finish the whole series before I someday kick the bucket.

2. Which is your best-received fic?
"What Doesn't Kill You," hands-down. I've never gotten so many reviews for a fic before, and not only have they helped me grow tremendously as a writer, sometimes they have the ability to inspire and pick me up after a really bad day. But I have to write to get reviews, so...

3. Which is your worst-received fic?
For some reason, the first one that came to mind was "Four Shades of Gray," (or perhaps "Strange Love") which was a bizarre Ranma fic. I think I was horribly OOC with Ranma himself, and got flamed for that, but I remember wanting to re-write it because what people got from the fic thus far was not anything like what I'd had in my head, and so I wanted to write better so that people could understand my original vision. I'm not sure if I ever did finish that revision though (bad habit).

4. Which is your angsty-est fic?
It's funny, I used to think I could never, ever write angst. I've got a number of oneshots that are tagged as being angst, but as for straight-up angst? Maybe "A Moment Too Late" (Fushigi Yuugi), though that might be a bit of a cop-out. (I think I ended up having a happy ending, which sort of defeats the purpose of angst, right?) "Heaven on Earth" or "Price to Pay" (Sailor Moon) are both pretty angsty, especially considering they take place during the angsty-est of all Sailor Moon arcs (Sailor Moon S).

5. Which is your funniest fic?
"The Joke's On You" (Yu-Gi-Oh). I honestly wish I could finish that without it turning into some dramatic action-adventure, but humor is the new angst for me: I feel like I just can't do it.

6. Saddest?
"Break" (Yu-Gi-Oh), which I wrote after the final act of the manga; there's a scene where Anzu shifts just-so, and it inspired this fic where she didn't stay on the sidelines the one time she was supposed to (if you know the act, I think you know what I mean; if not, read the damn fic!). Unsurprisingly, it's sort of inspired me for an angsty romantic follow-up fic that's not the same pairing as "Break" was. (LOL!?)

There are probably others that are pretty sad, for me, at least. I know I personally was crying while I wrote "Keep," (Yu-Gi-Oh) because it featured a subject that was personally emotional for me. I wrote that one totally on a whim during a class. :P

7. Fluffiest?
Hahaha. Maybe "A Christmas to Remember," (Inuyasha), because it's a Christmas fic where Shippo and Inuyasha are trying to cheer Kagome (who is stuck in the Sengoku Jidai over Christmas due to snowstorms) up? "Pop" and its companion fic "Mash," (Yu-Gi-Oh) are both pretty fluffy. "T·L·C," (Yu-Gi-Oh) just because it has a kitten.

8. Have you ever made someone cry with your fic?
Yeah...not sure if I should feel good about that (I wrote emotionally stirring fic!) or bad (I made someone cry!?). But "Only 16" (Sailor Moon) got a lot of reactions in that vein, and I think "Keep" (Yu-Gi-Oh) did, too. Not sure about too many others, but as I've said before, I have aimed to write emotional, gripping, and occasionally angsty stories, so if people have cried, then I guess I should at least be partially happy that I achieved my goal.

9. Which fanfic frustrates you the most?
"What Doesn't Kill You" (Yu-Gi-Oh) for being the beast that it is, or "The Joke's On You," (Yu-Gi-Oh) for being my first multi-chapter Yu-Gi-Oh fic that I couldn't seem to finish even though I was on a roll with starting it and had a great (IMO) premise. Gah, humor is so frustrating when it's multi-chapter!

10. Which fic was the most fun to write?
When I'm actually in the mood to write, any multi-chapter is fun. But WDKY, behemoth that it is, is fun because of all it inspires me for, even if I have a hard time sorting through the obviously stupid ideas and the actual "Could be a Chapter!" ideas. When I go back to revise a fic, like I am right now with "Only 16" (Sailor Moon), it's awfully fun thinking up all the ways to fill in my plot holes.

11. Which of the OCs you created is your favorite?
This is one thing rose_of_pollux has soundly beaten me in. I don't really like creating OCs, and when I do, I don't feel like I do a great job at fleshing them out. Writing original anybody for me is quite difficult, which is why I tend to play in other people's sandboxes and write fic.

I've got a semi-decent backstory for Chieko Sagusa, the recurring OC in "What Doesn't Kill You" (Yu-Gi-Oh) and characters related to her, like her fiancé and their family. There are other OCs in WDKY, like Fran Lohrs and her husband Vincent, former friends of Mai, Charles the security guy at the Kaiba mansion, but none of them have the backstory that I had to make up for Chieko.

I did create a team of three sister OCs for "Only 16" in its first incarnation; while Otaku Senshi are usually pretty popular if done well, I tend to think that most Fan Senshi are better off in their own universes and fics, not crossing over with the original canon if you can help it. This is because the new senshi always seem to take over from the existing senshi, which is a ridiculous prospect...I mean, Sailor Moon's supposed to be the most powerful in our galaxy (if not the universe), so having newbies come along and save the day is so trite. So I'm getting rid of those sisters in the revision of "Only 16," but they might come back in their own fic one day...same goes for some other Senshi OCs I have, like Sailor Nautilus and Sailor Mirage. Those are just two examples of Senshi I created in my head and drew, versus making Senshi out of existing characters (like from video games or other anime, which I have done before and is pretty popular, too).

Actually I think it'd be neat to get more backstory on the Senshi we barely know, like the ones that Galaxia's Animamates killed to get their Sailor Crystals...Sailor Coronis, or Sailor Mermaid, for example. That kind of thing inspired a fic, "Before Eternal - The Animamates Saga (Legends of the Metal Knights)" that I never finished.

12. Are you better at oneshot or multipart?
Arguable. I like having complete oneshots under my belt because they're just that: completed. I don't have too many completed multi-chapters that I'm 100% currently satisfied with, which is why I'm always making revisions...and flitting from one fic to the next. But I tend to write long fics, so I guess I'm better suited to multi-chapters, even if I don't always finish them when I want.

13. Which character portrayal do you think is your best?
I hope that I don't rewrite characters to suit my fancy; oftentimes the weaknesses of characters can be made into their strengths, or their true strengths just need more time to shine. I guess I'm thinking of Anzu Mazaki (Yu-Gi-Oh), Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), and Miaka Yuugi (Fushigi Yuugi) here.

I'm probably the best with writing Sailor Moon, since the fandom's been around so long, it was my first, and I can pretty much reference any part of it I want at any time--it's the one series I own ALL of (minus the Myus, which are practically a canon on their own).

14. What character is the most difficult to portray?
Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh). Freakin' hands-down, I don't know how to make him an attractive anti-hero, a foil to Yugi and a romantic interest for Anzu/Téa without woobiefying him or making him OOC. I seem to waver between him being a senseless teenager and a jackass CEO. Somehow I find the middle ground and it works, but I'm never completely satisfied. He's the one I worry about the most, with my writing. Maybe it's 'cause he's hard to relate to, compared to characters like Anzu or Mai?

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What a great meme - I have to admit I'm probably going to take it and do it, as well.

It was very interesting to read all your answers! I agree with your answer to 14 definitely; he's always a monster to tackle in fic, I think. Oh, and WDKY: that's probably one of my very favorites of all your fics, though I completely understand what you mean about having trouble finishing!
But I have to write to get reviews, so...

True, but I've noticed I still get review for my old fics. XD;

As for OCs... I usually won't reveal much in the fic itself (after all, most readers don't care about OCs; they just want to read about the canon characters) but I keep it so that if you take a step back, you can get the details. XD;

Hmm, it's strange; I've never had too much trouble writing for Seto. He's definitely hard to relate to, and writing for someone else (Joey, for instance) is much easier... but I've never had the trouble writing for Seto that I've had for other characters that have given me a tough time.