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cupcake sombrero!

Up for auction

So I threw my hat in the ring for the gulf_aid_now auction to help various relief efforts for the communities and areas affected by the Gulf Oil Spill.

Check out my thread in the fic post for a 1,500 word minimum fic from a variety of fandom(s). You can even request a crossover!

I might also volunteer to do a website layout and/or icons, other graphical stuff, but maybe I'll wait until a future round for graphics-related stuff.

Thought: what if someone were to bid and ask for the next chapter of WDKY? I mean, I have motivation to finish it anyway, but if said person donated a huge sum to my charity of choice (Greater New Orleans foundation, in case you're curious) and said "GIMME IT BEFORE JULY 31, WOMAN!" I think I would be more hard-pressed to get it done on time. :P Just throwing it out there....

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I didn't even know there WAS such a community. I tend to think my edge of the world is often forgotten or ignored, (and I do mean the entire gulf coast not just my town) and after what I read on the Larry King blogs last night while the telethon was going on, I was pretty discouraged by how callous and cruel some people were talking about us down here and how they weren't seeing the big picture. So, thank you for mentioning this community!

I haven't been too inspired lately, but I might offer up something too (since no one has called me back about helping with the cleanup).