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Stupid Commercials and Why I Hate Them

1. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch blog girl
While blogging about just about everything these days is popular, I don't know about a video blog (vlog) on a cereal. Parodying the idea would be one thing, except it's a stupid parody: the girl is a stereotypical geek and a klutz, too. (Maybe that's why it bothers me?!)

2. The Target "Hat" girl
A typical commercial that's way too blatant with its underlying message: "Buy our products and get the life you want!" Except it's ridiculous to fantasize about a HAT causing you to find a hot boyfriend, have a beautiful property with an orchard, and have perfect, well-behaved children. There's a fine line with the idea of a product enhancing your life in some way, and this commercial just crosses it and shoots off into outer space somewhere. This doesn't have even the tiniest idea that it could be a parody of commercials that do this more subtly (like car commercials), so I don't know wtf Target's ad agency was thinking.

3. Capital One with the actor who played George Costanza's father on Seinfeld
Capital One has funny commercials, especially their latest spate with the Vikings. Of course, my sense of humor is known to be very different from others, so who knows? But the idea of some old guy yelling at me about my credit card choice isn't very appetizing. He's not even very funny while employing the whole "loud old man with big opinions" schtick

Anyone have any commercials they just can't stand? I really wish I had DVR so I could just skip them, but I tend to watch a lot of shows randomly, too, and you can't really fast-forward through THOSE commercials, can you? It's too bad the quality that people strive for during the Super Bowl isn't something ad agencies attempt all year round.

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I hate every commercial ever because all I can think about is the psychological manipulation that is being fine-tuned to effect the most people in as similar a way as possible. Commercials make me feel mentally violated and intellectually insulted, so I don't watch them. Or listen to them. As soon as the commercials come on on the radio I am OUT of that station for three minutes.
I don't know if it was the actual commercial that upset me, but the iPhone commercials where they were advertising Copy & Paste were really annoying to me. Like, really, you're spending millions of dollars to advertise a feature that should have been in the phone in the first place. It blew my mind.
I actually don't remember that commercial, but you're right--advertising a feature that should have been there in the first place is kind of ridiculous. But the flip side is, if they HADN'T advertised it, would the people that hadn't been too aware of it ever known about the feature once it was added? Some would have stumbled on it by "happy chance," sure, but those who had never gotten frustrated by the lack of the feature (few, I'm sure) or never had an iPhone without it wouldn't know any better.