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believe in subtext

Analyzed first chunk of WDKY27 and got this

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I feel like I should recognize this name. Shame on me for not. Am I missing out?

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So apparently I write like Dan Brown (judging by the oneshot I've been working on). I find that rather worrisome.

And I don't blame you for forgetting. Honestly I have no idea who Chuck Palahniuk is; might look it up later.
And I totally forgot to mention! Congratulations for your progress on WDKY ch. 27.

Ha. Ha Ha.

I don't know if you can rightfully call it "progress," because I've been stuck at the same part for a while now. It's sad/funny, because it's the arc that I've been looking forward to writing for ages now, but there are certain scenes that I just end up staring at, even if I leave the chapter open. But I feel like if I don't write them, I'd be leaving a gaping hole in the story, so...nothing gets done. :(
I hope you've had better luck since then.

Personally, when I'm writing and I get to a crucial point in the piece, I sometimes get muddled up just by the pressure of my own desire to get it down just right. And I have to back off for a mintue and remind myself that I've got to focus on getting it down in its entirety at the very least, instead of getting nowhere by getting myself tangled up in all the possible ways it could come to fruition. I suppose, first get down what you wan to say, the frills and sprucing can come later.
I don't know how this thing "analyzes" your writing, but I'd much rather be compared to a money-making writer with a talent for suspense than a dead emo guy (famous as he is) or a guy whose name I really ought to recognize but I don't, even if he's ten kinds of awesome. :}

Go you!
Thanks, :) it's the suspense and subject matter that I really like about his work.

And considering EAP is a staple in english literature, I'd say you're in pretty good terriotry. :)

As for how this thing analyzes - my guess is through keywords, length of sentences and paragraphs, order of common words, etc. Just a guess though.
Chuch Palahniuk wrote Fight Club! :D

I, apparently, write like Vladimir Nabokov.
I hope you like Fight Club then (I may just have to go to the library to read this guy's stuff and compare for myself), because you did get my message that you won the Gulf Aid Now auction, right?

Haha Fight Club starring...Yu-Gi-Oh! characters!? Who knows: you do! Tell me what you want me to write and I can get started soon. :)