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batgirl - spanish inquisition

10 (Canon!) Facts about Covert Affairs

For any ficcers or fans that might be wondering, a bit of easy research is just a few keystrokes away.

1. Annie Walker lives in the guest house of her sister, Danielle Brooks and her husband, Michael Brooks.

2. Danielle and Michael have two young daughters, Katia and Chloe. Their ages haven't been definitively specified, but they look to be middle school-age or younger, but older than fourth grade or so.

3. August 'Auggie' Anderson does not seem to know the difference between a two-and-a-half inch Christian Loboutin heel and a kitten heel.

4. Annie Walker does not wear kitten heels to work (or anywhere else during the show's run so far, for that matter). In fact, she explicitly named the designer (and the red sole of the shoe was pretty obvious) of her shoes when she was pretending to be a hooker and picked them up from the hotel with her fake contact.

5. Annie's brief affair in Sri Lanka was with Ben Mercer. His name has been definitively stated as such. However, we don't know if he used that name with Annie (I think he did?) or if it was an alias that he used while in the CIA.

6. It's still not known just who Ben Mercer really is, what he does now, what he did when he was with Annie...anything. Theories abound that he may have been CIA and has since gone rogue, but it's also possible he was simply an asset. Or he could have been burned (a'la Michael Westen in Burn Notice, another USA Network show).

7. Jai Wilcox seemed to recognize Ben when he showed up at the docks--enough to realize Ben was the assassin and had reason to chase after him. This may mean that Jai either joined the DPD because of Ben--as Joan and Arthur's secret conversations have been implying--or that he knows Ben from "the old days...?" Either way, Jai vs. Ben was established!

8. Annie Walker's eyes are brown. Dark brown. Not blue, not green, not hazel, not aqua.

9. In the latest episode (as of 8/22), we found out that Michael (Danielle's husband and Annie's brother-in-law) lost his job. Annie had wrongfully assumed he'd been having an affair. Michael came clean to Danielle at the end of the episode.

10. The person in the mysterious black car that was tailing Annie earlier in the season was Ben. He's been following her, according to Joan and Arthur, and we've seen him show up in places where you don't just randomly see people, like at the train station where Annie nearly got killed, were it not for his timely shooting. Suffice it to say, even when Annie's trying to be sneaky, Ben probably knows where she is, if not because he knows HER, then because he knows the CIA. He might have a "friend" inside, or he might just be a talented hacker himself.

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