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starwars - got leia's buns?

[Star Wars/Sailor Moon X-Over] [Fic] Hope

Back in late August, I wrote a Star Wars/Sailor Moon crossover for sailormoonland that, for reasons unknown, wasn't included in the Criss-Cross challenge's entries or results. Not sure if I submitted it too late or it was just too darn long (it was too long for a textarea, I know that much), but now that the results are out, I'm free to post it all over the great wide Intarwebz!

Title: Hope
Rating: G/K/For Everyone
Genres: Gen/Sci-Fi

Spoilers: For Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (season 5 of the anime)

Word Count: 1851
Status: Oneshot, Complete

Summary: Princess Leia Organa is captured by the Empire, and the plans for the Death Star she painstakingly worked to deliver to the Rebel Alliance may have been lost...but a cell mate aboard the battle station gives her hope.


You can also view this entry at Dreamwidth. There are comment count unavailable comments on the post there!


I'm really glad this wasn't the start of another saga or something, like I thought at first. I was about to ask you WHAT YOU WERE DOING TO YOUR POOR SELF. The plot bunnies have overridden your mind!

Fortunately this is not the case. Except for maybe the plot bunnies part. But I say, as long as they churn out some good stuff, power to them to override.
Just to mess with people, maybe I should have done the scrolling yellow-text-on-a-black-background...THE SAGA BEGINS...

or something.

Haha. But no, while I definitely have an issue with length (seriously, something that was meant to be 300-1000 words ended up as 1800?! I guess it might not be a surprise if I was disqualified...), I know when something's complete...and when it's not. :(

This IS complete.