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sailormoon - iPunish

30 Day Sailor Moon meme...Day 20

It's still Sunday, it's still Sunday! So I'm back on track with the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, and there are only 10 more days to go before it's over! Wah! But I shall not bawl like Usagi, no...I shall be motivated to write on (Frizzy of Sailor Failures poses some interesting questions on the Four King Hell comic, after all), revise on ("Only 16" needs a new title! Suggest away!), and be excited for Sailor Moon!

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, while late September 2011 will bring us a revised version of the Sailor Moon manga, courtesy of Kodansha USA (hip-hip-hooray!), and the Sailor V manga to boot! Yahoo! I'm sad I never finished Project: Sailor V sooner, but frankly I had no idea what the hell I was doing, trying to get a scanlating group together, before I even knew what scanlating was. AnViL actually did one, but they didn't do a fabulous job, but at least some folks actually know of Sailor V...and soon, even more will! Huzzah!

And for Anime Expo 2011, I plan on cosplaying the one, the only SAILOR SATURN! At long last! Which form of Saturn, I haven't decided yet--it's basically between her original (anime) form and her Super form...but hey, there's her ORIGINAL form, from the Materials collection, where she's got a standard circular brooch, a purple ring, Saturn earrings without a dangling crystal, and frayed shoulder "sleeves" that are purple instead of white. Oh, and her tiara gem is purple instead of silver, too. Should I do that version instead, be super original?

Anyway, let's get on with the show.

On behalf of the fashion police, I will punish you! Who IS the worst dressed Soldier, anyway? Well, if we just consider the anime, because of the sheer variety of outfits, and we consider outfits only for their sheer ridiculousness, not by today's fashion standards.

Believe it or not, Usagi is not my first choice. Sure, she has a lot of ruffles, a lot of pink, and occasionally some pretty weird patterns, but generally she's got pretty cute outfits, bright colors, and nice cuts. Even her Disguise Pen outfits aren't too bad...okay, maybe not that one from the episode where she disguised herself as a "musician" and came out with a white half-corset an bright green hair, but that episode never aired in the States anyway....

It's not Ami, either, because she usually wears her uniform or something tasteful and conservative. And while the colors might clash sometimes, that was a "thing" of the nineties fashion, even in Japan...heck, I probably did it, too.

It's definitely not Rei, because she's the most fashionable soldier in my book!

Makoto actually manages to wear some pretty neat, figure-flattering outfits, including an unhealthy array of colored, zip-front strappy dresses. And of course a lot of green. Green turtlenecks, green skating outfits, green turtle-tanks...

It's not Michiru or Haruka, who always manage to be fashionable together, or Setsuna, who's almost always super-sexy when she's not in her sailor uniform. Hotaru covers up and wears a lot of black, but even she's got some pretty cute outfits.

And I won't even touch the Starlights when it comes to THEIR fashion sense.

No, the worst dressed Sailor Senshi is...Minako. SAILOR VENUS! Eek, for an idol chaser, she sure has some weird ideas about fashion (did you see that Four Kings Hell strip where she copied an outfit from an American rap music video and thought it was appropriate to wear to a fancy dinner with Kunzite? Yeeeah, that's very much a Minako thing to do).

Here's a good example: Minako in skinny dark blue jeans with a green long-sleeved dress shirt tied around her waist, a light blue t-shirt covering up an orange collared shirt, and a dark green jacket over that, with mysteriously lime green cuffs. And that damn red bow that never changes (but contrasts so beautifully with her golden hair). Add all that together and you have some sort of jungle plant. Eech! And this is the goddess of love and beauty?!

She's had a few hits, though: some nice white sundresses, a kimono in her image colors of orange and yellow, and that one red jumper with a white blouse that I wanted to own. But otherwise? Ruffles! Pastels clashing with brights! Muted tones in too-big sizes! Casual paired with athletic! Frilly combined with...ridiculous! (That outfit she wore in "The Kindergarten Caper"--"Protect the Kindergarten Bus" was the name of the Japanese episode, I believe--when she confronted those little boys who called her an "old bag?" OH HELLZ NO.)

I sincerely hope her taste in outfits improves with age and being a royal instead of a poor broke junior high/high school student, but we never see that...but as Minako would say, "hey, a girl can dream, can't she?"

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You know I've wanted to go as Mistress 9 but I'd have to drop 30lbs and find really, REALLY REALLY long hair
Mistress 9 IS amazing, but the cool thing about her hair is that any "ridiculously long wig" will do. They sell them at Cosplay.com's Wig Shop. Caring for them though....