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sailormoon - usagi alone

30 Day Sailor Moon meme...Day 22

It's Day 22/30 in the Sailor Moon meme! How unbelievable! It feels great to be writing again, though. I'm really looking forward to AX now...I hope I can decide on which commissioner to go with for my Saturn costume, get a Silence Glaive made, and still save up to have lots of fun while I'm there! Ah, planning, planning....

Anyway, this is ganked from Frizzy of Sailor Failures!

Hey, should I be warning you about spoilers? Because this post has LOTS of them. For everything. :P This is your first and last warning.

Wow, what a question! The Sailor Moon series--in any form--is full of heart-wrenching moments, but not all of them upset me now the way they might have when I first saw them when I was younger, or upset me when they may have upset someone else.

Also, I have some moments that are actually NOT from Sailor Moon (the anime, manga, Sera Myu, the live action) that were pretty upsetting...actually, I'm thinking of the last time Sailor V and Adonis "battled." For those that have read the Code Name: Sailor V manga, you'll know what I'm talking about. For everyone else...you can look it up or wait until September, when Kodansha USA releases it Stateside for the first time! Yippee!

But for the Sailor Moon series in any of its forms, I would say the stereotypical moment when Tuxedo Mask takes a blow meant for Sailor Moon and subsequently "dies" in her arms, resulting in Sailor Moon awakening as Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal appearing for the first time is pretty upsetting.

In the manga, when we finally see the flashback to the Silver Millennium and Serenity stabs herself with the Holy Sword after Endymion falls, that was pretty upsetting, too. Actually, I don't much like the idea of Serenity as this tragic, Juliet-like heroine, which is why I'm glad that she doesn't present herself as a separate personality in the anime, and Usagi simply IS Serenity--not Serenity being another person within her. Serenity is like a more refined version of Usagi. In the live action on the other hand...*shudder* Serenity is scary!

When Mamoru broke up with Usagi in Sailor Moon R, that was pretty surprising, too! For those of us that watched the English dub, it was totally frustrating and confusing to hear the VA for the Wise Man convince Darien that he had to break up with Serena or she'd die. I think I yelled at the screen, "No, you idiot! This is what the Dark Moon wants!" Because if the ruse worked and Darien stayed broken up with Serena, they'd never get together and form Crystal Tokyo at all! But wait a second, wouldn't that mean there'd be no Dark Moon clan, either, because they only formed in rebellion against the cleansing Serenity did after Crystal Tokyo was already formed in the 30th century? But anyway, poor Serena had no idea, and Darien was a total douche about the whole thing even if it WASN'T actually the bad guys giving him the dreams (though why that possibility never seemed to occur to him makes him seem like an even bigger idiot). So seeing Serena so upset and Darien so stubbornly believing that a dream would somehow foretell Serena's death definitely was upsetting. Maybe that's why that arc is my favorite?

There's a part in the manga when Nehellenia/Zirconia's dream magic is screwing with everyone's heads. It's in the middle of Volume 10 of the reprints, and it shows some very scary looking zombie Senshi--first Moon, dead in Venus' arms, then the others, bloodied all over the ground. And then a full view of Sailor Moon's corpse-like face. Yes, that was very upsetting the first time I saw it. Most of Sailor Moon is about beauty, light, goodness, and hope, and S and SuperS were very dark in their own ways--to the point of the disembodied, evil Chaos suddenly becoming very gruesome and cruel.

So I think those are probably the most upsetting moments of the anime and the manga (including Sailor V), but it's harder to say what the most upsetting moment is of PGSM--the live action series ramped up the angst by tenfold or more, what with Princess Sailor Moon, Mamoru having a fiancee and Usagi realizing she loved him--Mamoru! for who he was, not because he was Tuxedo Mask or Endymion--and of course, Minako.... Heck, even the way Makoto and Rei acted toward Usagi at first was painful, as was Ami's defection to the Dark Kingdom.

That's probably why I like the Sailor Moon series--it's not all cutesy-happy, sparkly magical girl awesomeness. There's romance mixed in there with the action, there's a dash of adventure and a dose of angst--basically a good blend of everything. Sometimes it feels good to be upset, because it means the story isn't the kind of thing you can predict or expect, and the characters are capable of growth.

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