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sailormoon - angel

30 Day Sailor Moon meme...Day 23

I'm a little late for this one, too, but in my defense, I was enjoying some really good meatloaf (!), mashed potatoes, and brownies with my dad and bf. :)

We're getting close on the days here! Even if I am a bit late with some of my posts, I hope to say on March 30 that I have completed all 30 of these topics, and I'm still inspired to write and create things...not just for Sailor Moon or even fandom in general, but EVERYTHING! I do believe this kind of "free challenge" has helped in ways other assignments or challenges have not.

Still, I know I take on more than I can usually handle, which leads to stress, which leads to...projects being left undone. It'd be nice if I had a more formal structure telling me where to go next, what's the most important or what's the easiest to get done soonest, that kind of thing. Wouldn't it be nice if there was some sort of auto-prioritizer that could take things like skill, time, and resources available into account?

Anyway, these are from Frizzy over at Sailor Failures.

Like the last post on what Sailor Moon moment most "upsets" me, there are probably a few definitions of "happy" that this could apply to, and a few versions of canon I'd want to apply it to.

There are moments in many anime and manga that I enjoy where I practically jump up from my seat, go "YEAH!" and pump my fist and all that. Sometimes there'll be an ear-splitting grin on my face, sometimes an added "Take that (ENEMY NAME HERE)!" Sailor Moon's got a few of those, for various reasons.

One of my favorites, believe it or not, comes from the dub anime, when Sailor Moon gets her power-up Queen Serenity in the first part of Sailor Moon R. The cardian Racy has all the other Inner Scouts having their energy drained away by her evil cherry blossom trees, but Sailor Moon reappears out of whatever dimensional rift she was in fully transformed and elevatoring up, arms crossed over chest, confidence dripping from her every word. She has that line, "I'm back, I'm bold, maybe even beautiful, I'm in your face and you're going to have to deal with it! Game's over Negatrash, time for this card to hit the deck. Nobody likes a party crasher (poses)...and no one invited you!"

The dub may have screwed many things up, and I haven't watched the original Japanese episode in some time, but THAT line? Awesomesauce in my book.

Going a bit further back and being a bit more general--something that applies to the anime in general, and not the dub or the original--is when Usagi/Serena reveals her identity to Mamoru/Darien for the first time in that elevator that Zoisite's got them trapped in. I think there had been enough tension between them in the first season--heck, it's enough to have spawned countless shrines, communities, and archives with that very focus--that it felt like "Aw yeah, it's an about time!" moment for everyone watching it.

Other cool moments of the anime in general: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask finding out Chibiusa/Rini is their future daughter...and turning bright red as they gape at each other, upon this realization...while Mars flips out in the background; Sailor Moon turning into Neo-Queen Serenity (at least she didn't COMPLETELY look like Princess Serenity anymore, which I thought was telling) to fight alongside Princess Small Lady Serenity and defeat the Wise Man; Usagi denouncing the impostor Sailor Moon (Sailor Venus, actually) in Sailor Moon S after Kaolinite stole her heart crystal and saying stuff like "I am Sailor Moon! The original!"; Super Sailor Moon going into the Tau Galaxy and saving Saturn even though no one else seemed to think she was worth it...and walking out with baby Hotaru in her arms....

In the manga, Usagi was a different person--not nearly as much of a crybaby, but not exactly 100% sympathetic, either. Sometimes she was too extreme, which I think was what drawn on for her "Princess Serenity" personality in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action. But for moments that made me happy in the manga, Tuxedo Mask telling Usagi he knows she's Sailor Moon--and she's got to transform right now to save everyone, that made me pretty happy. Plus after that whole battle and everything, we got to see Mamoru reveal himself as Tuxedo Mask too, and Usagi was all "O_O...!" and that was fun.

I'm sure there were others from throughout the manga--like when we saw Sailor Pluto again after thinking she'd died after the Black Moon arc--but I think the anime trumps the manga in terms of the most memorable ones (for me, anyway).

And in PGSM? What a weird series! I think for me, it was the very wrap-up end, knowing that everyone got to start over again. I think PGSM made it more worth it than any other version of canon, where they died after that battle with Beryl and got a re-boot, because they all had so much more to lose and so much more to gain after getting a second chance. Minako, especially, of course, but also Ami, Rei, and Makoto for getting the chances to be different people and be closer to Usagi, this girl who saw hope and possibility in them, and never wanted anything more than to be friends.

I mentioned in my last post that I think part of what makes Sailor Moon so awesome is the fact that it's got a great blend of all these emotional triggers, no matter what form of canon you look at. You have happy moments, sad moments, moments that'll make you angry, moments that will shock you, moments that will have you cheering for joy. You don't necessarily know what moments will come when, so you keep watching or reading...and feeling all these crazy emotions alongside the Sailor Senshi and their friends.

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