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sailormoon - double trouble minako & usa

30 Day Sailor Moon meme...Day 25

I'm early/on-time, dagnabbit! In the spirit of the other recent posts asking about "Sailor Moon moments that make you feel...,"here's a new one, about humor. Now, there's me: a girl who supposedly has no sense of humor, or if she does, a dark, dry one. (My humor is a mothball?)

But I find the stuff at Sailor Failures quite funny!

Well, if you look at Sailor Failures, there are a metric crapton of hilarious moments in Sailor Moon. But often fanfiction is way funnier than canon, just because canon HAS to take itself seriously at least part of the time to get the story across. The funniest moments are probably in the anime, versus the manga, because the anime had that much more room for filler and random youma that were just plain weird, etc.

The funniest arc, I think, was probably SuperS. The other seasons had random episodes or moments that were funny, like that episode in S when Moon and Mars got trapped in these Japanese drums while the daimon rained fireworks from the sky and forced them to dance. I think it was Chibi-Moon who had to save the day....

In SuperS, though, we had a CIRCUS as the main villain. Clowns, children, and animals-turned-into-humans were the enemies of the hour, and Chibiusa was a starring figure, which is like the first season of Sailor Moon with new hilarity because Chibiusa, unlike Sailor Moon when she first became a Senshi, had a vague idea of what she was walking into...and still screwed up on a regular basis. (Pink Sugar Heart Attack! -wait...wait...wait...- ATTACK! pow pow pow!) We have even stranger speeches from Tuxedo Mask, villains that don't listen to other villains (calling Zirconia an "old hag" and such), and hilarious lemures.

Bickering between the Senshi or Ami flipping out about anything (boys! love letters!) is always hilarious, and makes them seem more human. Probably the entirety of the SuperS special: Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (even though it's based off the manga arc, rather than the anime in general, which had another love interest for Ami, in the form of Yellow Rainbow Crystal carrier Ryo Urawa) was the most hilarious "moment" of Sailor Moon canon.

But I don't know, what do you think? Are there any moments that made you laugh so hard you almost cried? That's my kind of humor.

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