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azureshipping - back to back

My tweets

  • Tue, 08:33: I unlocked the Mardi Gras 2012 sticker on @GetGlue! http://t.co/cXWlE7Iv
  • Tue, 18:32: I could get DDR for my PS3 to try something new + wireless, or I could get a DDR bundle for my PS2 and play all my old games. What to do?
  • Tue, 18:44: It occurs to me that the image on the Aladdin soundtrack is inaccurate, since Jasmine and Aladdin-in-his-street-clothes never rode on Carpet
  • Tue, 20:42: The first step is admitting you have a problem.... http://t.co/Ejh7HHTf
  • Tue, 20:51: I'm tempted to try designing a few #infographics about the #trends I see on the covers of my #magazines, seeing as I have a massive pile.
  • Tue, 21:00: Wishing @wired's iPad edition went further back than issue 18.06 so I could have an archive. That and simultaneous downloads.
  • Tue, 22:10: @InvisibleHandHQ Whom should I contact if my Safari extension doesn't appear to be working anymore when I search via Google?