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azureshipping - back to back

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  • Thu, 23:02: I've read some criticisms of #Kony2012, and acknowledge what must be (some) truths in them. Still donated, but probably won't again.
  • Thu, 23:15: I wish I could say I knew for sure that my $15 was going toward something useful for #Kony2012, but now I'm not so sure. Research, research!
  • Thu, 23:18: Meredith calls shenanigans on @meredithcorp. Why the heck are all the websites down, and for so long? Come on, my namesake corporation!


Hey Azurite! Long time no comment :)

I think you might find this response somewhat helpful:

Like time no comment indeed!

Thanks for the vidlink, by the way--not only was it funny, but very enlightening. I can't take back the $15 I already donated to IC, but I can be smarter about donating after watching awesome videos and spreading things around my social media sites in the future.

That said, I did sign up for Kiva and did my own research on people who need micro loans there; because of the free trial posted on the HankChannel you sent me, it was pretty easy.