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azureshipping - back to back

My tweets

  • Tue, 14:34: An actual bill that can become LAW, folks! Support the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 http://t.co/d1RoQCAp #signon
  • Tue, 19:03: DDR Pad + Carpet = no good dance time? I might need to mod my DDR pad to get it work on the shaggy carpet. :(
  • Tue, 19:22: Chair carpet protector pad-thingy: helps with soft pad DDR mat on carpet, but only a bit. Now what?
  • Tue, 20:58: I must have some sort of psychic connection with my mailbox, because I knew the latest @WebDesignerMag issue would arrive today!
  • Wed, 02:35: Was exhausted earlier, am now reading things on LinkedIn...want to check out "Holmes on Homes" on #HGTV, but they still use Flash for videos