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azureshipping - back to back

My tweets

  • Sun, 16:57: Trying to decide between learning HTML5 w/Infinite Skills or Team Treehouse. Any thoughts?
  • Sun, 20:02: Okay, I gotta admit to being confused: you can't seem to get the free 50 @overheardatmoo cards via @klout with one of Moo's designs?
  • Sun, 23:19: Hey @dreamwidth, is there currently a way for people to crosspost their DW entries to Google+? I keep seeing entries that look like that!
  • Mon, 01:02: Okay #SailorMoon fans, it's time to rally: http://t.co/rEFl85zV We've gotta beat Rick Hunter, Tokyo destroyer!
  • Mon, 01:43: It was Captain America's shield in Iron Man. No wait, it was a prototype from his dad! No wait, it was a plastic replica clock! WTF is this?
  • Mon, 01:56: Darn it, forgot to watch #OnceUponaTime and this week's #InPlainSight...no, I don't want either of them to end soon, season or series! DVR?