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azureshipping - back to back

My tweets

  • Mon, 18:46: I really wish @Twitter for Mac would stop logging out of my secondary Twitter account whenever the app restarts. Can't it just remember it?
  • Mon, 19:40: I wonder if my compiled fic ideas would be better off as Evernote documents instead of HTML files?
  • Mon, 22:56: I just adopted another fanlisting! Welcome to Mechanical Innocence: A Fanlisting for Ghost in the Shell's Tachikoma: http://t.co/p3R4a2wP
  • Mon, 22:58: Props to @senyth for making the adoption of a fanlisting easier; I followed her easy guide here: http://t.co/NdQXeh3D (super-cute page!)
  • Tue, 07:18: Not off to a great start: @metrolosangeles bus was 4 minutes early, didn't even stop despite me running to catch up. Grr!