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azureshipping - back to back

My tweets

  • Wed, 16:11: Let's see if all this #LittleBlackBag brou-ha-ha is worth it! Opinion re:@LBBag via @Klout seems divided... http://t.co/EHWfoHN6
  • Wed, 16:39: The #LittleBlackBag story: pick one item, a stylist picks 3 others based on your style, and you get your @klout points in $ for another item
  • Wed, 16:39: The #LittleBlackBag catch: you pay $49.95 for all these designer goodies IF you subscribe, or $59.95 once. Doesn't seem very fair…. #beauty
  • Wed, 17:02: Still getting a #LittleBlackBag to try it out and take advantage of my @klout perk. Now, to trade the stuff that's NOT my style...
  • Wed, 17:15: If you have a single bad experience somewhere because you didn't do your own research, don't blame it on the place or the people there.
  • Wed, 17:29: Is it just me, or are hammered #accessories in style right now? That's no pun: these are literally things that have been hit with a hammer.
  • Wed, 17:41: The interesting thing about #LittleBlackBag is that you can trade items you don't want for 7 days, then it ships. I've already traded!
  • Wed, 18:22: Trying out #email client @postbox. So far, I like the clean interface and the cool integration with plugins like SpamSieve and WiseStamp.
  • Wed, 18:38: Your dislikes say as much about your #style as your likes: I wonder how @LBBag is using the info to find what I like for my #LittleBlackBag?
  • Wed, 18:46: Since when has @WSJ been able to "confirm" anything regarding the next hottest mobile device? Their *rumors* seem to be frequently wrong.
  • Thu, 02:44: If folks are afraid of damaging prof. relationships by talking about business online, shouldn't business be more candid and honest?