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azureshipping - back to back

My tweets

  • Wed, 21:21: The look on @petergallagher’s face in @CovertAffairs ep “Loving the Alien” when Kari Matchett told him she could hostess was SO adorable!
  • Wed, 22:42: @covertwriters OMG AMAZEBALLS I get what everyone was talking about w/ this week’s @CovertAffairs! Total shocker! Can’t wait till next Tues!
  • Wed, 23:06: You know the @covertwriters are doing something right when they make you love to hate them for a HUGE cliffhanger.
  • Thu, 00:22: Anyone know of a way to force links opened from any app to open in the CURRENT browser, not just the default one on a Mac 10.7.4?