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14 April 1985

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Blue Eyes and Apricots - The first Seto Kaiba and Anzu Mazaki Fanlisting!

Anzu Mazaki :: Seto Kaiba :: Azureshipping Fan

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The Millennium Blog crew!
[x]Millennium Puzzle
[x]Millennium Ankh
[x]Millennium Ring
[x]Millennium Eye
[x]Millennium Scales
[x]Millennium Rod
[x]Millennium Tauk
[x]Millennium Waffle Iron
[x]Millennium Lightsaber
[x]Millennium Sharp Hairstyles
[x]Millennium Rubix Cube
[x]Millennium Mousepad
[x]Millennium Laptop
[x]Millennium Whisk
[x]Millennium Shield
[x]Millennium Tazer
[x]Millennium Bracelets
[x]Millennium Chocolate Bar
[x]Millennium Watch
[x]Millennium Pants
[x]Millennium Nine-Iron
[x]Millennium Hunk of Plexiglass
[x]Millennium Spork
[x]Millennium Leish
[x]Millennium Spoon
[x]Millennium Cthulhu
[x]Millennium Millenium
[x]Millennium Wok
[x]Millennium Pull-Up Bra
[x]Millennium Turtle
[x]Millennium Spatula
[x]Millennium Buldge
[x]Millennium Blender
[x]Millennium Rubber Ducky
[x]Millennium Toaster
[x]Millennium Chopsticks
[x]Millennium Espresso Maker
[x]Millennium iMac
[x]Millennium Frying Pan
[x]Millennium Crack Pot
[x]Millennium Falcon
[x]Millennium iPod
[x]Millennium Stethescope
[x]Millennium Pizza Cutter
[x]Millennium Chapstick
[x]Millennium Sock Puppet
[x]Millennium Headband
[x]Millennium Lipgloss
[x]Millennium Muffin
[x]Millennium Pants Buldge
[x]Millennium Gameboy DS
[x]Millennium Sledgehammer
[x]Millennium MST
[x]Millennium Party Pocket
[x]Millennium Can Opener
[x]Millennium Flamethrower
[x]Millennium Gundam
[x]Millennium Fangirl
[x]Millennium Thwapping Fan
[x]Millennium Pen
[x]Millennium Arcade Stick
[x]Millennium Eating Dagger
[x]Millennium CD Player
[x]Millennium Kabob Skewers
[x]Millennium Bondage Collar
[x]Millennium Bling-Bling
[x]Millennium Lighter
[x]Millennium Circlet
>> It's time to duel!

BIO - xVERx 04.17.10

x. my father thinks I am... I have no idea. He didn't even call to wish me a happy birthday.
x. my mother thinks I am... capable of doing whatever I set my (scattered) mind to!
x. my sibling thinks I... think too much.
x. my grandma thinks I am... hopefully doing well.
x. my grandpa thinks I am... a kick in the pants.
x. my boyfriend/girlfriend thinks I am... what boyfriend/girlfriend?
x. my best friend thinks I am... mm, which best friend? and right now? >_> not sure...
x. three worst qualities... loses motivation easily, procrastinator, picky eating habits
x. three things you are often complimented for... being smart, usually being friendly, being creative
x. a compliment you got that made you blush... when my (ex)boyfriend told me I was absolutely gorgeous.
x. you get embarrassed when... I remember all the stupid things I've done... (two words: coke machine)
x. makes you happy... accomplishing something-- whether it's small and seemingly trivial (like beating a level in a video game) or for someone else (treating something to something cool they've never done before), I love it when I get "something" done.
x. upsets you... me acting immature and not realizing it until after the fact, me being jealous over stupid things, me getting stressed out too easily

yes or no...

x. you keep a diary = Erm, duh?
x. you like to cook = Damn straight baby. desserts and breakfasts are my forté.
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone = My secrets are as public as the Google IPO. Ask anyone in my high school's JROTC. -.-
x. you fold your underwear = I used to! It's kind of pointless to bother with drawers the size of small dictionaries, though.
x. you talk in your sleep = I don't think so.
x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead = Hell no. I plan what I can in advance, and if I'm late, I'm late.
x. you bite your fingernails = Yes... well, craftspeople don't need long nails!
x. you believe in love = I want to, but it's kind of a not-the-first-time, you-have-to-work-at-it kind of love.


x. movie you rented = Uh...it was so long ago, I don't remember. Does renting from friends count? If so, I've still got "Dostana" on loan.
x. movie you bought = "Paprika," directed by Satoshi Kon. Awesome music, freaky visuals, possibly better than the book (!)
x. song you listened to = "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train (Mom was singing it and I was listening to it last night before I went to sleep.)
x. song that was stuck in your head = "Empire State (of Mind)" by Alicia Keys. Great song, very inspiring.
x. song you've downloaded = "Tik Tok (Instrumental). I can't stand Kesha (and I refuse to spell her "name" with a dollar sign), but the beat is pretty good.
x. CD you bought = I haven't bough an actual album in a while. I like buying single tracks these days.
x. CD you listened to = I tend to listen to playlists with all kinds of stuff on them.
x. person you've called = T-Mobile, for help with my bill. :P
x. person that's called you = Eva, because we're having a bonfire birthday bonanza tonight!
x. TV show you've watched = A rerun of something or other. Possibly Leverage.
x. person you are thinking of = Anzu Mazaki, because she's being particularly stubborn at the moment. Oh wait, don't fictional characters count?


x. you wish you could live somewhere else = Well, I'm enjoying San Francisco more now than I did five years ago. But still, New York would be awesome (I think).
x. you believe in online dating = Yeah, I met one of my last exes online. I don't let the fact that he's an ex translate into any sort of prediction of doom for online dating, but I do insist on taking it slow; it's always a while before I agree to meet anyone I've met online.
x. others find you attractive = I know at least a few people do!
x. you want more piercings = The thought's tempting. Maybe a navel piercing?
x. you want more tattoos = No, not for the foreseeable future.
x. you drink = Occasionally. It takes very little to get me pretty buzzed.
x. you do drugs = No, and I never will. Drugs are stupid (unless you mean pharmaceuticals, in which case, yeah, when I have to)
x. you smoke = No, and I don't think anyone should. Fresh air is so much better.
x. you like cleaning = My room's usually a mess, but I've cleaned it up with incentive before. I tend to have more fun cleaning other people's houses. Anyone need a maid?
x. you like roller coasters = YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! so many coasters, so little time!
x. you write in cursive or print = My print is nice, but it changes from time to time. My cursive just plain sucks.
x. have a donor card: For bone marrow. That's it, though. I think for blood, I'm too light-weight, and I don't know if my organs would help anyone.

have you...

x. ever cried over a boy/girl = Plenty of times. "No boy is worth crying over, and the boy who is won't make you cry." Alas, it doesn't always work out that way. Funny, the human mind. Wish I could have remembered that in my toughest moments.
x. ever lied to someone = Yeah...I hate doing it though. Honesty is the best policy, even if it hurts like hell 99.9% of the time.
x. ever been in a fist fight = Fifth grade. Kicked his ass. He deserved it.
x. ever been arrested = Nope.


x. shampoo do you use = I recently got my hair colored, so at the recommendation of Allure magazine, I'm using Nexxus Dualiste.
x. perfume do you use = I only use it on occasion, but when I do, it's either Dior's J'Adore or Clinique's Happy. I also like Elizabeth Arden's Sunflower, but I only have a teeny bit left.
x. shoes do you wear = Usually my rainbow-colored hi-top Converse or my Alfani black leather boots. I'd like a nice pair of Mary-Jane Wedges again...*sniff*

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